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Dental Services

Painless Root Canal treatment (Single Sitting)

Tooth has two parts i.e, crown and root

Crown has three layers enamel, dentin and pulp. Initially when tooth decay occurs it will affect the outer layer i.e, enamel or dentin and it can be treated with fillings. But if decay affects pulp it won’t be treated with fillings as it causes inflammation and periapical infection so, in this case, root canal (RCT) or endodontic treatment is required.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry also called as aesthetic dentistry is an emerging branch in the field of dentistry as it helps to improve smile and facial structure.

It includes:

  • Cosmetic smile enhancement.
  • Covers uneven or crooked teeth.
  • Closes spaces between teeth.
  • Increase lost tooth height.
  • Replace crowns and bridgework.
  • Enhances an existing smile ruined by stains.

Teeth fillings (Tooth Colour)

Teeth filling are done to restore decayed teeth.

Decay makes the tooth hollow. Fillings help in filling these gaps and protect it from further decay.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace patients missing tooth structures. It can be single or multiple as the implant is a prosthesis that replaces the root. 

Pediatric/Kids Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is dedicated to oral health of kids from infancy to teen years of age. In this branch oral care for kids teeth, gums and mouth occur. Every child should visit dentist twice in a year for oral health examination.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When excessive occlusal wear occur is causes pulpal pathology, impaired function, occlusal disharmony and esthetic disfigurement. So the restoration of functional integrity of teeth in dental arches comes under full mouth rehabilitation. It can be done in various ways i.e, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, and partial dentures.

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling is known as teeth cleaning. It is used to remove deposits and extrinsic stains from the tooth structure. Polishing is used to remove the minute scratches which are produced during scaling.

Gum Treatment

In gum disease removal of plaque and tartar occur from the teeth above and below the gum line followed by the cleaning of root.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a procedure done on teeth, gums, jaws or other oral structures. It includes: extraction, dental implants, corrective jaw surgeries, procedure to relieve obstructive sleep apnea, apicectomy, facial reconstruction, cleft palate and lip.

Dental Braces and Aligners

Dental braces and aligners are used to align and straighten teeth and helps in positioning them. They are used to correct crowding, malaligned teeth, crooked teeth. There are various: metal braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating, lingual and clear aligners.

Removable Partial Denture (RPD) and  Flexible Dentures

RPD is a denture for partially edentulous patients. If a patient is not a candidate for implants or FPD in those cases RPD is an option.

FPD is a given to replace missing teeth and it is permanently attached to adjacent teeth.

Complete Dentures (CD)

A complete denture is removable appliance used for all teeth within jaw which has been lost and prosthetically replaced. It is constructed when there is no tooth left in the arch.


Tooth extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from the gum socket. It can be surgical or non-surgical. It can be done for unrestorable teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, endo-perio lesion, dental trauma. Sometimes impacted tooth also needs extraction.


Dental veneers are wafer like thin, custom made shells. Made of tooth coloured materials designed to cover anterior/front surface of tooth or teeth. It helps to improve appearence of teeth.

Veneers are of two types: composite veneers or ceramic veneers.

Veneers are used for:

  1. Discolored teeth
  2. Worn down teeth
  3. Chipped or broken teeth.
  4. Teeth that are malaligned, uneven or irregular in shape.
  5. Teeth with gaps.

Critical Care Services

General Anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia

Anesthesia for Robotic

Bariatric Surgery

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